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    Amelia Morse, MA & MFA

    🎭 Acting Coach | 🌟 Intimacy Director | 🎬 Intimacy Coordinator | 📍 Based in Colorado

    Hello there! I'm Amelia, a passionate and dedicated professional based in the beautiful state of Colorado. With a multifaceted career, I wear the hats of an Acting Coach, Intimacy Director, and Intimacy Coordinator, bringing a unique blend of artistry and expertise to the world of performance.


    🎭 Acting Coach: Guiding aspiring actors on their creative journeys is my true calling. With a background steeped in the nuances of dramatic expression, I help individuals unlock their full potential, instilling confidence and skill in every performance.


    🌟 Intimacy Director | 🎬 Intimacy Coordinator: Recognizing the importance of safe and authentic storytelling, I specialize in the delicate art of intimacy direction and coordination. Ensuring that on-screen and on-stage connections are portrayed with respect, professionalism, and a keen understanding of the human experience. Learn more here.


    📍 Based in Colorado: Nestled in the heart of the Rockies, I draw inspiration from Colorado's stunning landscapes and vibrant artistic community. Whether coaching actors, orchestrating intimate scenes, or contributing to the thriving arts scene, I find joy in being part of the creative tapestry that defines this picturesque state.

    In every role I undertake, my mission is to foster a creative environment where talent flourishes, boundaries are respected, and storytelling becomes a powerful force for connection.


    Join me on this artistic journey, where the magic of performance meets the soul-stirring backdrop of Colorado.


    Amelia's Curriculum Vitae.