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One way to try us out and work with us for free is by signing up for our email list.

We find this to be a great way to connect directly with folks, so they get an opportunity to meet us and see if we're a good fit for one another.

Another great reason to join our email list?  Weekly tips!  We send an email out once a week specifically with our close audience in mind.  We go more in-depth with ways you can become a better Actor and/or Public Speaker.

Our email list is the first to know about all of our upcoming classes and events.  They also recieve coupon codes for our services that we don't offer to the public.

We hope you'll join today!

Note - We don't share your information or sell it to anyone.  We currently use MailChimp, so please check their policies out for what they do with your information. We can not be held responsible for what they do.