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Holiday Gift Ideas (Equipment)

Equipment must haves yourself, or the Actor or Public Speaker in your life.

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Whether you're making self-tape auditions or a Public Speaker working remotely - these are your must haves for a quality self-tape or live.

You need a clean background thats free of distractions. What I recommend for everyone is get one that works with your space, your skin tone, and your physical needs. With that last part  what I mean is how much of your body will be in your shot. If you're doing things more full body, I recommend this gray muslin backdrop that's full length. It's a 9x13, so a bit big, but you can always fold it in half if you don't need the entire length.  I also recommend this backdrop stand. It comes with a set of clips and empty sand bags. What I like about it, it was easy to assemble. I'm short, so I need a little help to make it taller, but have had no issues with it.

If you're not wanting a big backdrop, but something smaller and more portable, this oval blue/green backdrop is perfect for you! Its also excellent for Zoom calls when you want to have a virtual background and not cut part of your head off in the frame. It's great for Actors self-taping as well.

All backdrops will arrive wrinkled.  So whether its to steam out my backdrop or my clothes on the go, I really like this handheld portable steamer. I've tried other steamers, and I really liked this one over them.  It can be used with regular tap water.  Highly recommend using it versus a regular iron that requires an ironing board.

For a good light, I strongly recommend splurging on this GLAMCOR light. I love that you can use cool, warm, or mix the two together. You can also set this light system to record your light setting. This is a great feature to have when setting up for your self-tape of lives. No more need to worry about how you'll look on-camera anymore.

Next you'll want to be heard clearly. For everyone, but especially my singers and musical theatre Actors this external mic is a must have! Actors who use readers, you'll also be glad you have this mic so your reader cam be heard and your audition makes more sense. (Yes, they have the script, but it helps if we can hear who you're working with and see how you work with a reader.) This holder works great holding your mic in place on your lights to capture you on your phone or other recording device.

If you use your phone or tablet sitting on a desk or table, we recommend this holder for them. Plus your device in and no need to worry about your phone or tablet falling over or getting twisted with cords.

Thsee are the items we use at The Morse Actors Studio. We love them and believe you will too! Happy Holidays and happy gift giving everyone!