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Clothes for Self-Tapes

Understanding how clothes appear differently on-tape.

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I love to wear green.  Especially dark green because it goes so well with my hair color and skin tone.  I'm sure you have your favorite color that's your go-to when auditioning.  The question I have, is that what you wear when audition in-person or do you wear that for your self-tapes too?

The reason I ask is because it's crucial to know that what works great for one, won't always work for the other.  In this case it's the color of our clothes.

I don't want you to stress over this, but rather become more aware of it.  Let's first talk about the no's to clothes you shouldn't wear for your self-tapes.

1.  Patterns.  This can by tricky but stick with me.  Patterns don't read well on-camera, but they can also have an impact on how your body may appear on-screen too.  This isn't to make people feel paranoid or to body shame anyone.  This is to make you aware that they may either be a discraction or have an impact on the lines of your body reading well.  It's important you visually look good.  

Solids are best, but if you do choose lines, dots, or any repeated pattern, do a test run to see how it looks.  Set up your self-tape space, record yourself doing a monologue or side of your choice. This way you can go back to watch it to see how it appears when you're auditioning.  It will give you a better outsiders view to know what the people on the other side will be seeing.  Only you can make the call if you want to proceed or not with that choice.

2.  Solids and Colors.  Pick a color that fits all of this criteria. A.) Flattering to your skin tone and hair color.  (Bonus if it helps your eyes pop.) You want a color that won't wash you out, but you also don't want something that will blend with you either.  This goes for EVERYONE.  Our skin tones and hair colors are beautiful and unique for us.  A good hack is to find other Actors who have similar skin tones and hair colors and see what they're wearing.  Adjust for you and your personal brand. B.) It doesn't conflict or blend with your backdrop color.  I told you all I really like green and after doing two takes of a self-tape realized the pretty green top I was wearing blended in way too much with my dark gray background.  (Picture below.) C. You have clothing options for all four seasons.  Honestly, you really need two.  One long sleeve and one short sleeve if you'd like to be wearing clothes current with the weather season, or it's a character choice.  D.) You feel confident and happy with what you're wearing.

Below are three different examples of how clothes can look differntly with the same background.

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Image above - Amelia, a white woman smiling wearing a dark green long-sleeved shirt with a dark gray background behind her.


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Image above - Amelia, a white woman smiling wearing a light gray/silver long-sleeved shirt with a dark gray background behind her.


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Image above - Amelia, a white woman smiling wearing a bright, mustard yellow long-sleeved shirt with a dark gray background behind her.

3.  Clothing Budget. Don't spend a bunch of money on clothes. I can tell you right now that people aren't going to know where your clothes came from or how long you've had them.  As long as they fit the above criteria, they fit good, and you like them that's what matters the most!

I haven't had anyone ever ask me what I was wearing or how long I've owned it.  They might have complimented me on it, but what I choose to share with them after that is my business.

4. Self-Taping is different.  Keep in mind that self-taping is differernt that auditioning in person.  The visual part of it is key because we're not in a room where you walk in, we see you, and you're done.  There's not enough time to focus heavily on how you look.  Whereas in a self-tape its highly visual.  Again, don't stress, just become more aware and find what's works best for YOU.  The people watching the audition want to see you and what you bring to the character.  We also want to see you have an awareness of yourself visually.  It's not vain, it's part of the business.

5.  Let's review. Self-Taping is an independent, self-directed way to audition.  If you're not sure where to begin or you need help, book a consultation with us.  We work with our clients via Zoom.  The great thing about working in that way is we're on the otherside of the camera.  We can help you with what you already have or help you find what you need to acheive the best, quality Self-Tape that will help you book those acting jobs.  If you're located in nothern Colorado or the Denver region and would like to work with us in-person, contact us here.

Share with us what you learned and what steps you'll be taking to have a visually better self-tape.