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Go BIG in 2022

"I don't know where I'm going from here, but I promise it won't be boring." ~ David Bowie

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At the end of every year, many people take the time to reflect on the year.  The good, the bad, the intersting, and mostly the what happened that made it (insert adjective here). What I want to do it praise the years that came before 2021, because of them they made 2021 a GREAT year for The Morse Actors Studio.

The Morse Actors Studio was founded in 2019.  I had no idea what I was doing.  I knew how to teach and coach people.  That was part of the reason I started my own studio. However, there were many things I didn't know that I had to learn. It hasn't been easy, but it's been worth it.  At the same time, I've live in fear too.  

Sometimes you struggle looking for that thing, and then all of a sudden it's there, like magic.  That's how I felt about the end of the year and starting a new one.  What are my goals?  What direction to I want to go in?  How do I want to continue to offer value to people who follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and are on my email list? What's my 'word' going to be for 2022 that feels authentic and connected to not just me, but the studio, and everyone we work with?

I felt plauged with anxiety and feeling like I had hit a wall.  It wasn't until Monday this week I decided to go buy Sutten Foster's book "Hooked - How Crafting Saved My Life."  (I'll blog about the book more once I have finished it and link it here.)

It's EXACTLY what I needed this week.  Between that and a deep conversation I had with a good friend, it hit me all at once.  I'm playing small.  I don't want to play small any more.  I will be play BIG.  Not only will I play big, but so will everyone I work with.  I'm not the kind of person that pushes people hard. I will nudge, guide, and push you where I see you getting in your own way.  However, we are all in charge of ourselves.  Only we can choose how much space we take up in the room.

This past year I've seen people fearlessly take up room.  Ask yourself, how do they do that.  They do it becase they KNOW themselves.  They are confident, have something to say, and won't let the powers that be or anyone stop them.

So in 2022 - I challenge you to go BIG.  Do the things that give you the confidence, power, and drive to go big.  Take the classes, read new plays, audition, do all the things to learn to be BETTER so you can go BIG!

Link to "Hooked - How Crafting Saved My Life" by Sutton Foster