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Self-Tapes and Zoom Auditions

Love them or hate them, they're here to stay!

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 Self-Tapes have been a way for Film Actors to audition for a very long time now, but it's not something that many Theatre Actors did until 2020.  We all pivoted in some way or another.  Many theatres and theatre programs had no choice but to switch to Self-Tapes and Zoom auditions as a way to hold auditions and keep everyone safe.  For various reasons, these same theatres and theatre programs have decided to continue to use Self-Tapes and Zoom auditions.

This isn't to say that in-person auditioning is dead or gone forever, because it's not.  Self-Tapes and Zoom Auditions are just now another way to have people audition.  All of these have their positives and negatives.  We all have our opinoins on why one may be mor superior than the others.  However, it's up to the powers that be to deteremine how they wan to hold their auditions.  It is now up to you as the Actor to determine what you want to do.

If you're a person that doesn't like Self-Tapes and/or Zoom auditions, that's fine.  You are abosoutely entittled to those feelings.  This blog isn't going to try to change your mind on that.  It will however remind you that you may then be limiting yourself and your opporutnities.  Again, if that's what you choose, then BREAK A LEG and we wish you all the best.

For everyone else that are willing to still participate in Self-Tapes and Zoom Auditions, let us say this to you.  Embrace them as another tool in your Actor's Toolbox.  Learning how to do this is adding to your skills.  It doesn't mean you have to love this form of auditioning.  Instead we hope you see the positive in knowing how to adapt your skills as an Actor for this space.

That's something we as Actors don't talk about as much as we should - adapting.  Are boundaries and limits still "allowed" in adaptaing?  ABSOLUTELY!  If you're being asked to adapt and change to something that doesn't feel right or work for you, then we fully support saying 'no' and walking away.  This also applies to the people who want nothing to do with this form of auditioning.

As stated earlier, saying 'no' is limiting youself.  It can shutting the door, but that doesn't mean the door is closed. So keep that in mind.

We do encourage you to learn how to Self-Tape and Zoom Audition becase we simply don't want to see you miss out on an opportunity for a role or a project that you *do* connect with and really want.

The audition process in any form on any platform is hard for all of us.  It's not perfect by any means.  You have 2 minutes to show someone who you are and your skills as an Actor.  It's not a skill that can be learned in a few lessons.  People don't just get discovered over night either.  They study the craft of Acting and learn how to adapt it to their auditions, their callbacks, and their performance.  They don't limit themselves to doing just one thing well.  To be a quality Actor and to be able to be a skilled auditioner, you must put in the work.

Self-Tapes and Zoom Auditions aren't going away.  They have their place and do add value to both the Auditioner and the Auditionee.  Start learning how to do this and learn how to dominate it.

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