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Backdrop Stand Hacks

When you have limited space, but need to lift up your backdrop, here are some ideas for you.

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When I got my Blue/Green Oval backdrop, I waited to purchase a stand to hold it up.  It was because of funds, and also space.  I didn't have the floor space to suppor the 3-points on the feet of a backdrop stand. 

 (You can get your Blue/Green oval backdrop here.)

A Folding Chair

So instead I did what we Actors are taught to do - I improvised!  I used a folding chair to lift it up and leaned it against a wall to support it. For over a year, this was the way I utilized my oval backdrop.  Eventually I did purchase a metal backdrop stand, but I use it for my dark gray muslin backdrop instead. 


The great thing about using an oval Blue/Green backdrop is it pops up and I can use it for travel.  The downside to the metal backdrop stand is it's an extra piece to bring along with you not always knowing if there will be room for it.  Hence why a chair (without wheels) is great to use is because you can find one of those just about anywhere you're at. The downside to the chair is the seat of it does put space between you and your backdrop.  

Yoga Cork Blocks

Blue/Green Oval - purchase here.


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