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Working Actor Hacks

What I do and use to stay on top of my goals.

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I started The Morse Actors Studio in July 2019.  I had no clue what I was doing.  I knew I couldn't do it alone.  Through trial, error, and continuing to learn I get better.

The first thing I started using and have used ever since is my Passion Planner.  I was introduced to this planner through a friend and fellow acting coach.  I love it because it helps me see how I use my time, and I can adjust each week accordingly.

The second thing I use is my Moleskin Planner. I use this one primarily for tracking weekly to-do lists, social media topics, etc. When I have notes and ideas I need to put down, I have a basic lined planner for that.

I use a varity of platforms for my social media, contracts, etc.  One I really enjoy is Calendly to schedule my time with clients.

For the Actor or Public Speaker I suggest you learn how you work best.  I'm a person that has to write things down.  If you're a person that likes apps and cloud based platforms, Google/gmail is worth checking out.

Being an Actor at any level you have to learn to be your own manager.  Unless you have money to hire someone, you need to learn this business.  You need to treat your Acting Career as a business.  If you're not, then you're treating it like a hobby and it won't grow beyond that.

I work with a coach. I continue to take classes that pertain to the craft of acting.  I have a MA and a MFA and theatre, but that doesn't mean I'm finished learning.  I continue to do self-education and formal education (classes, workshops, coaching, etc).  I can't teach others if I myself am not working every day to be better.  I can't be a better Actor, Teacher, Coach or human being without those things.  I treat myself like a business.  The business is Amelia, and she's a multihyphanated artists.


Here at The Morse Actors Studio we focus on helping you with your craft.  We teach you to know and understand your own values as an Actor.  We prep you for auditions, help you get your self-tape space together, and can review your Audition Package.  Our job is to help you book the job.

To learn the business portion of being an Actor, we have a list of Actor Business Coaches we can recommend.  Email us here if that is something you're needing.  We're happy to connect you with who we know.  It's definately about who you know in this business to help you get ahead.

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