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Stop Asking Strangers for Help!

Especially when it comes to finding a monologue.

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There are thousands of plays out there.  Barnes&Noble doesn't carry much in their drama section. Libraries have enough Shakespeare and Tennessee Williams to fill the Titanic.  When you search 'great monologues' on Google you either get the same 10 pieces OR you get a blog on all the over-done pieces.

You're a busy person, and you're a busy Actor.  I get it!  It's hard to know what's out there, so the solution seems simple!  Ask people on the internet.

The problem - they don't know YOU.  You probably don't know exactly what you want other than you want something good that you can sink your teeth in.  Well, the suggestions those nice, well meaning people may be those pieces, but there's another problem.  Do they work best for you?

Who are you? What's your type? What's your skill level as an Actor?  What would show off your skills?  What do you want is a vauge question too.  

You really need to understand many things all at once to know how to find the perfect piece(s) for you.  They need to not only show off what you can do, but be used at multiple auditons too.  You need to keep them fresh and interesting.  Find new things out about your characters each time you rehearse and perform them.

If you're pieces aren't getting you past the initial audition, not getting you to callbacks, and most definately NOT getting you booked, then you need to ask yourself why?

In The Actor Mentorship Program, we help you understand these things about yourself.  We find you multiple pieces that speak to you.  We also want your pieces to have a life of a few years.  Most importantly, they help you book the the job.

Stop cutting corners with strangers on the internet and come work with us.  Let us help you find pieces you love and learn to audition to book work again.