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Facebook LIVES

Facebook LIVES


By: Amelia Morse Kolkmeyer, MFA - Founder & Lead Instructor/Coach


So you’re going to do a Facebook Live, but you’re maybe struggling a bit. Here are some tips we’d like to share with you to help your next Facebook Live and future Lives a success.


  1. Plan ahead.

  • Know what you’re going to talk about.

  • Write it out. Whether it be bullet points or a written out script.

  • Rehearse it outloud! Doing this allows you to hear what you’re going to say, feel the words in your mouth, and be able to make any changes.

  • Include keywords and phrases that your audience will understand.

  1. Do a test run.

  • Many people choose to use various platforms that link to their Facebook page or group. Do a mini-introduction live to try out a new platform. That way you know how it functions and can fix any hiccups that may occur.

  1. Get a Stage Manager (aka Moderator)

  • Ask someone to be on the other end to watch your Live happening.

  • Have them keep track of the questions and alert you to the ones of most importance. That way you’re not distracted and are able to focus on delivering your message.

  • Lay out what you’re going to be talking about so they have a clear idea of what sort of things to look out for during your Live.

  • Pay this person. They are working for you and deserve to be compensated for their time and work.

  1. Record your Live.

  • Go back and watch your Live. This will allow you to learn from what happened. You can circle back and answer any questions in future Lives or in posts.

  • Take notes from your Live to learn from not only what you presented, but from your audience.

  1. Have fun!

  • Yes, these can be scary, but you’re doing them for a reason. They are a way to connect and serve your audience. Don’t make them feel like this is a burden, make them feel that you’re excited to be there for them.


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