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    Let your talents shine from the audition room to the final bow.

    Welcome to the Morse Actors Studio!

    The place where actors come to ditch the overwhelm and insecurity and rediscover your confidence and badassery.


    Your most special skill isn’t the dialect you’ve mastered or 12 years of tap.


    Your most unique special skill is YOU.

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    Hey. I’m Amelia, fellow actor, MFA and Coach.

    I help actors like you step into their most authentic self so you can stop wasting your precious time and money preparing the wrong material and auditioning for the wrong projects.


    I understand what it’s like to have big dreams and think the key to ‘making it’ is to simply keep showing up for every open call hoping that the monologue you learned 8 years ago will get you a callback.


    Most training programs teach you the craft but don’t have the bandwidth to help you truly understand what material will help you shine and get the kind of attention you want.


    That’s where I come in.


    I’m here to take a highly personalized approach to really get to know you beyond your resume and ‘type.’


    Together, we will discover what makes you stand out, what roles you are built to play, and craft the perfect packages to land them.

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