• Solo Audition Prep Workshop

    What do you do when you have an audition, but no access to an Acting Coach, or you haven't found someone you like?

    Learn the tips and tricks that will guarantee you success when working on audition material solo, whether in anticipation of a big audition, or facing a sudden cold read, as well as when developing new works or in any situation where you find you have to direct yourself.

    Don't feel stranded! Have a game plan that will give you confidence going it alone in any situation.


    Join Ashley Griffin, Broadway Actor and Playwright and Amelia Morse (MFA), Audition and MFA Prep Coach to learn some tips and tricks to be able to nail your next audition.


    Learn more about Ashley here.
    Learn more about Amelia here.


    *Participants bring a new for you monologue. Preferably one you have little to no work with. A monologue and/or scene will be provided to Participants for the Cold Read portion of the workshop.