• Private 1:1 Acting Lessons/Coaching

  • Power Hour

    Private 1:1 designed to help get you ready to show off your skills and show the Director/Casting Agent(s) what you bring to the role.​


    Audition Prep*


    Callback Prep*


    Self-Tape Coaching with Reader.*


    Audition Cuts*

    Song and/or Monologues

    (Up to four pieces.)


    MFA Audition Prep*


    MFA Prep - Interview Prep



    *Must send copies of monologues, music, or sides within 24 hours prior to the session.

    If working on a song, you must provide your own track/accompanist.

  • Power Hour Acting -

    "The Morse Actors Studio is great for prepping you for acting auditions. Amelia Morse helped me so much with my monologue for my next audition." - Noele P.

  • Private 1:1 Acting Lessons/Coaching

    Sessions can cover the following -


    Private Acting Lessons*


    Audition Prep^


    Callback Prep^


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    Four 1:1 Sessions - $499.00

    Six 1:1 Sessions - $699.00

  • Private Acting Lesson Offers

    Private Acting Lessons/Coaching*

    Private Acting Lessons can be any of the following -


    Beginning Acting - Monologues

    Advance Acting - Monologues

    Scene Work with a Partner (You each pay the same fee.)


    Script Analysis

    Acting for the Song (Musical Theatre)

    Dialects (Standard American, British RP, Cockney, Irish, American Southern, or Deep American South)

    Private 1:1 Coaching (You provide the pieces.)

    Auditions or Callback Prep

    You may have your pieces ready to go, but would like some extra help to get them ready. You could also have a Callback and would like to review the material.

  • Private Acting Lessons -

    "Amelia is wonderful! She is very patient and a great teacher. I gained a wealth of knowledge from just a few classes." G.R. (Child Actor)

  • Private Acting Lessons -

    “I haven’t acted for almost 20 years. Doing acting coaching with Amelia pulled something out of me that I forgot.. It awakened my confidence.. Her acting coaching has changed the way that I see myself.” ~ Roshauna C.