• MFA Audition Audit

    "You're doing great!"

    "Your pieces are excellent!"

    "Great acting!"


    Have you heard this when you were preparing for you MFA Audition, but you still didn't get accepted?

    Heck, you didn't even get a callback!


    So why did your former professors and Actor friends say this and you didn't get accepted?


    It's not your acting, it's your pieces. Your MFA Audition is not like any other audition. You are auditioning for top notch Acting Program. Your audition is your initial interview. It tells the MFA Programs how you see youself.


    If you are not clear on your types, your strengths, your weaknesses, or how to package yourself, then you aren't going to show them YOU.


    Now is the time to get clear on how you can nail your MFA Audition and get in your dream MFA Program.


    This FREE 30 minute call I'll review up to 3 of your previous audition pieces, your resume and headshot. Give you honest, quality feedback that you can use to help you with your MFA Prep.