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    Film Acting for Beginners

    Come learn how to Act for Film!


    In this class you will learn the basics of Film Acting to help you get started and book your first of many roles!


    Topics Covered in this Class

    • Film Acting Terminology
    • Self-Tape Set Up
    • Working with a Reader
    • Working with Audition Sides
    • Film Auditioning


    What You Need to Know

    • Class Size - Up to 6 Actors
    • Price - $159.00
    • Dates - Nomember 7 - December 12, 2023 (6 weeks)
    • Class is for 1 hour each week.

    What You Need for This Class

    All participants must have access to Zoom.

    All participants must have a reliable internet connection, microphone and camera.

    All participants must be on camera for the entire of the class.

    A good lighting setup and a plain backdrop or wall is NOT required, but helpful.


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