• Audition Collage Prep

    1:1 Coaching Program

    The complete roadmap and one-on-one coaching program designed to help you get into your ideal BFA Program.


    The 12 Weeks Personalized Coaching & high school seniors who are motivated actors ready to ditch frustration and be ready for their BFA Auditions.


    With Acting Coach Amelia Morse, MA & MFA

  • How would it feel to...

    How would it feel to have audition pieces that are not overdone,

    but still show off your acting talents?


    To be completely prepared and know you are only auditioning for the best shows that reflect your actor values and career goals?


    To check your voicemail or inbox to find out you’ve been cast in your dream role?



  • But right now you feel...

    Overwhelmed trying to by finding audition materials that help you standstick out at your auditions.


    Less than confident about your audition materials including monologues, songs, headshots and resume.


    Unsure of how to audition without feeling like you constantly need to be finding new pieces.


    Desperate to build an audition book that has longevity and versatility. You want an audition book that is not overwhelming and has a considerable life.


    Frustrated to be auditioning infrequently and not booking the roles you are craving.

  • Luckily, you can avoid all this!

    Inside the Actor Mentorship Program


    You’ll craft the perfect packages to help you land the perfect roles

    (no anxiety, overthinking or self doubt included).

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    Hey there, I'm Amelia. I've been exactly where you are.

    Spending hours agonizing over plays, librettos, and (dare I say it) monologue books. Wondering what would be a best fit for me, but also not something that everyone else would be doing, too.
    I have done what so many actors do:
    Sit at the library or Barnes and Noble and flip through countless scripts to see if there were 1.) any characters that fit me, and 2.) did they have any good monologues?
    I have also spend HOURS OF MY LIFE scrolling the internet trying to find Actors that have a similar look to me to determine what I should be doing for *my* headshots.
    And resumes - ugh, there are so many different formats out there! What do I list? What credits to include? Do I need to include this person, that company, what skills, ect. I only have ONE PAGE here people, what do I list on it that tells you all about me?!?
    But the reality is: There is only one of you.
    So you want your audition package to reflect who YOU are and what you can bring to the project.
    Most acting coaches will help you get confident on monologues and songs for auditions. But that’s not the only thing that is important for your career.
  • So I'm here to make sure you -

    > Understand yourself as an Actor and what you want to audition for.
    > Don’t waste your time auditioning for shows that aren’t right for you.
    > Find audition material that reflects your strengths and versatility so you never have to try to rush prep a new piece before a big audition
    > Learn how to mix and match your audition pieces for a variety of auditions based on your goals.
    > Show up confidently in the room to get you the CALLBACK you need to book the gig
    > Get off the hamster wheel of audition anxiety and monologue self-doubt
  • Here’s how The College Audition Prep program helps you prepare for your BFA Auditions.

    This 12 weeks of 1:1 coaching and mentoring experience includes:


    90-Minute in depth onboarding call to get clear on your goals, desires and background as a performer so the remaining program is completely tailored for you.

    (This doens't count as one of your 8 sessions.)


    Handpicked Audition Pieces

    2 Contemporary Monologues

    2 Shakespeare/Classic Monolouges

    4 Musical Theatre Songs cut for YOU


    Weekly 1 hour 1:1 coaching sessions with time to rehearse and get feedback from me.


    Self-Tape and Zoom Audition Guidance Plus Best Practices & Tech Tips for your Prescreens


    Resume and Headshot Reviews


    Audition Attire Feedback


    Interview Prep


    Theatre Program Essay Assistance


    Voxer access to me as questions come up.


    Audition Checklists


  • Cost of The College Audition Prep Program



    Installment Plans Available

  • “Amelia and her teaching style are a breath of fresh air. She listened to my needs, my fears, and my frustrations, and had worked tirelessly to make sure that I was comfortable and felt safe in the space.

    I feel so much more confident and powerful thanks to her!”

    - Stefani T.

    (Theatre and Film Actor)

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