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Spring Clean Your Audition Book

How to review, edit, and decide what to keep.

· Monologues,Auditions,Acting

Spring is here! Many people use this time to spring clean, so why not spring clean your Audition Book?

You can do this any time of the year, but it's definately a good idea to do this periodically.  How do you know what to keep and what to let go of?  Here are some tips to help you.

1.) What have you not used in the past year? Ask yourself why you haven't use that/those particular piece(s). There could be many reasons such as - it doesn't fit what you've been auditioning for, you've aged out, it doesnt' resonate with you, etc.

The bottom line is if you haven't used it in the past year, place it to the back of your book.  Don't completely throw it out because there may come a time when you want it.

2.) Have you "aged out" of using that monologue?  Then it's time to retire it.  Before you let it go, use it as a way to help you find new pieces.  What was it about that piece that you chose it?  Write those down to help guide you to find something that fits your age range, but gives you what this piece once did.

3.) You're not connecting with them.  We all have those pieces that we felt we should do for one reason or another, but the reality is we didn't ever really connect with it.  GET RID OF THAT ONE!  You need to stop trying to be a square peg jamming yourself into a round hole.  Put your energy and attention into pieces you resonate with.

4.) Is the piece(s) you're using working for YOU?  If you're not getting callbacks or cast using what you're using, it can be generally one of two things.  What you're using isn't showing off your skills as an Actor, you're not sure/clear about your type, or possibly you need some help learning how to audition better.

5.) Get some feedback.  Ask more than one person.  See what people think about your pieces, NOT your performance.  You're wanting to know if what is in your Audition Book works with you, your goals, and what you're auditioning for.  (FYI -  you can sign up for you Audition Audit with us here.)

6.) Your piece(s) don't show off your skills and/or don't fit your type.  Acting 'type' is something that gets thrown around a lot in this industry.  To learn more about what Actor Type is, check out our blog here.

7.) Don't be afraid to shake it up and introduce new materials to your Audition Book. As stated earlier - roate current pieces you're not using, look at what you loved about retired pieces to find new, and finally adding new gives you variety to choose what you want to do.  It's your audition - use what shows off you and your acting skills.