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Opt In to Your Auditions!

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You're on a budget.   You're new to acting and auditioning.  You're auditioning infrequently.  You're new to an area. Whatever YOUR reason for not paying for the audition websites, it yours.  No need to share or explain.


You're having a hard time to find auditions.  Maybe you don't know where or what to audition for.

I got you covered!

Opt in to your audition - FOR FREE!

1.) Join e-mail lists.

Find theatres and film makers that you WANT to work with that offer email opt ins. By joining their email lists you are showing interests in them.  You are also getting one of the first opportunities to konw when they're holding auditions.

It also gives you an opportunity to learn more about them outside of their website and social media.  You can get a feel for how they connect with their audience.

You can always opt out if you find they're not a good fit for you, you've moved out of the area, etc.

2. Social Media.

Follow theatres, film makers, acting coaches, acting studios, and casting directors.

Many of these people follow others and each other.  They're going to share eachothers notices in their stories with their audiences.

It's also a way to understand their relationships to each other.  If you get the vibe they've worked with eachother or know anything, you could DM them to ask about their experience working with each other.

Connections with people is a great way to get reviews and information to help you make a decision if you'd like to move foward to audition with them or not.

3. Facebook Groups.

There are many internationa, national, and regional Facebook groups out there.

They're all different, so it's best you spend some time in them to determine if they're worth YOUR time.  You want to be in groups that will serve you best.  

Some groups allow for audition notices to be posted.  Those are excellent groups to be in, espeically if they are specific to your region or market you audition in.

Find them, join them, and don't forget to turn on notifications so you can see when people post audition notices.

Be sure to share this with someone you know wanting to find new ways to find auditions.