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Actor's Resumes

How to create one that will get you noticed.

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A quick Google search and you can find hundreds of Actors Resume's. The question a lot of Actors want to know is - which format is the "best?"

There should be two different types of Actor's Resumes you have. 1.) The one you use for submissions, and 2.) the one you have on your website.

The one you use for submissions - digital, email, in-person, etc. needs to be only ONE PAGE. This is because Directors and Casting Directors (CD's) don't have time to read everything you've ever done. On this resume it should have your most recent credits.

Your credits are going to tell the Director or Casting Director what types of roles you book. Whom you've worked with. And what types of shows you perform in.

The second Actors Resume you have has all of your credits. Keep a digital copy on your website that peole can easily view.

What should BE on your Actors Resume?

Your Name, Contact Information*, Website and Social Media**, Height, Hair Color, Eye Color, Your Produciton Credits^, Education, and Special Skills.

*Contact Information - If you are an indenpendent Actor have your email address and a phone number.

** If you have a webiste or a social media prescene - include that under your contact information. It's another way for Directors/Casting Directors to learn more about you.

^ If you are a Theatre Actor auditioning for Theatre - those credits come first. Film is not neccesary unless you feel a particular character you played fits what you're auditioning for. The same goes for Film. If you're auditioning for Film, place those credits as the top.

One thing you don't EVER need to have or share is your weight. Unless there is something specifc in the show where weight is needed. Weight looks different on everyone, so there's not need to share that.

Your headshot doesn't need to be on your resume. It should be a hard copy that is stapled to your resume. When submitting digitally - it's not a bad idea to have it in the upper right hand corner to help connect what you look like. It's not a requirement, but that's the only time I would include a header with my headshot on my resume.

Need your Actors Resume reviewed? Sign up for a Consultation. I'm happy to review it with you in real time and give you feedback to help you format it to help you get booked!