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5 Solutions For When Your 

Audition Falls Short

Have you ever been to an audition, think you’re ready, and then WHAM you fall short. Here are some reasons why you may be falling short and what we recommend you do to nail your next audition.


Fall Short #1 - You forget to give your slate at the beginning.


Solution - Each time you run/rehearse your monologue add your slate as a part of your monologue. Simply make eye contact while you state your name and your audition pieces if there’s time and you choose to. Take a beat and transition to your audition piece(s).


Fall Short #2 - Your pace is off. You’re too fast, too slow, and/or have a pause that someone could walk through.


Solution - Who is your character speaking to, what’s your relationship with them, and what’s at stake? Be aware that your character is speaking to someone and it’s incredibly important they understand what you’re saying. There are a variety of ways to show anger, hurt, excitement, love, etc. Play with how you can deliver those actions.


Fall Short #3 - You don’t understand your character's objective.


Solution - It’s important that you read the script your monologue and/or song comes from. You need to know everything you can about your character and what has brought them to this moment. When you know this, then you’re able to understand more clearly what their objective is and why it’s important that they’re pursuing it at this moment.


Fall Short #4 - You don’t know your type.


Solution - Do a Character Analysis on yourself! That’s right, look at yourself as a character. Look at the basics - your age/age range, gender, race, etc. Then go from there and be specific. Your hobbies, your personality, your quirks, your family history, etc. Have fun with it and then go out there and “date” several characters. Find ones that help showcase things you like about yourself and you want the director(s) to see.


Fall Short #5 - You’re not memorizing your monologue with time to spare.


Solution - You’re literally waiting until the week or or the night before your audition to memorize your entire monologue or any part of it. That’s fine, but you’re cutting yourself short. You’re not giving yourself time to play with it, work out the kinks, and find new ways to do it.


These are what we see all the time with Actors at auditions. It’s time to take a hard look at what’s causing you to fall short and address it. If you’re stumped and want some help, that’s what we’re here for. Click this link to set up your 30 minute Discovery Call so we can help you not fall short at your next audition.

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