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    Audition Book Workshop

    Bring your Audition Book full of monologues and songs, that you may or may have not ever used at auditios. Or come woth nothing with in your book and be ready to learn. This workshop it to help you find out what you need to update or begin your own Audition Book for theatre and musical theatre auditions.


    Who is this for? Anyone who may be starting from the beginning. It might have been a while since someone has auditioned. It could even be someone coming into a new ere as an Actor. Whatever it is, this workshop will help Actors at all levels review their current pieces to determine what to keep, what to let go of, and how to find new pieces that fit them best.


    Don't have a book? No problem. This workshop can still give you information to help you while you build yours.


    BONUS - You'll also learn my secrets to finding new pieces that aren't overdone and boring.


    NEXT WORKSHOP - Monday,

    November 13, 2023 on Zoom


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