• What is an Audition Book Revamp?

    It is for Actors who are auditioning that are wanting to start with a fresh Audition Book,

    or Revamp the one they currently have.


    • You may be getting back into auditioning and unsure if your previous pieces will still work.
    • Perhaps you're wanting someone to review what you're doing to know if it's working for you and your type.
    • You can't seem to get past the audition and get a callback.


    It may not be you,

    it could be your audition pieces!


  • How it works -


    Before your Consultation you will be sent an Audition Book Questionaire.

    At your first meeting we will review your current Audition Book (if applicable).

    Review your Audition Book Questionaire, and discuss your future Acting Goals.



    You will recieve your new pieces and disucuss how they can work for you.



    1 Hour Coaching for Mini-Book

    2 Hours^ Coaching for Audition Book


    Packages to chose from -


    Mini-Audition Book (3 Pieces*) - $199.00

    Audition Book (6 Pieces*) - $299.00


    *Pieces can be monologues and/or songs.

    ^Can be divided into two 1 hour sessions.


    Click below to get your Audition Book Revamped.

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