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    Demo Coaching

    Private 1:1 Coaching

    Private 1:1 Lessons

    Actor Consultations

    Audition Book Revamp + Coaching

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    Demo Coaching

    Let's work together before making a full committment.


    Demo Coaching is a 20 minutes coaching call via Zoom. Actors are required to come prepared with a piece of their choice. If you need a piece, samples are provided after booking.


    Come work with me and let's see if we're a good fit for one another. You can also learn more about my coaching packages and classes. Find out which one is the best fit for YOU! (Limit one per person.)


    Price - $29.00


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    1:1 Actor Coaching

    • Audition Coaching (Theatre, Musical Theatre, or Film)
    • Callbacks
    • Self-Tape Coaching with Reader 

    Price - $59.00 for 30 Minutes CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE

    Price - $119.00 for 1 Hour - CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE

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    Actor Consultations

    You know how to Act, but do you know the Business of Acting? Actor Consultations are designed to help you answer questions and determine you next steps in your Acting Career.

    • Audition Book Review
    • Monologue / Audition Song Selection*
    • Industry Questions (Theatre or Film)
    • Self-Tape Set Up
    • Self-Tape Review
    • Actor Headshots
    • Actor Resume
    • College/BFA Consultation
    • MFA Prep Consultation

    Price - $39.00 for 30 minutes.

    *(Up to TWO pieces total.)



    Price - $97.00 for 1 Hour

    *(Up to FOUR pieces total.)


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    Private Acting Lessons

    Private Acting Lessons are for Actors wanting more than one work session and focusing on someting specific for their craft.


    Here's what you can choose from -

    • Monologues - 2 pieces
    • Self-Tape Auditioning
    • Scene work with a Partner*
    • Dialects (Standard American, British RP, Cockney, Irish, American Southern, or Deep American South)

    6 Weeks for 30 minutes - $299.00

    *Each person pays the same fee.


    Email here to get connect and get started.

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    Audition Book Revamp

    Are you needing new pieces for your Audition Book? The Audition Book Revamp is for you! Let's review your current book and find you new pieces to help you shine at your next audition.


    Here's how it works -

    • When you sign up and your payment has been received will be sent a Monologue Wish List Form.
    • When your MWL form is received you will be sent a link to schedule a Zoom video to do a Monologue Review.
    • You will then work on your pieces and when you're ready, you can schedule your 30 minute or 1 hour Coaching Call. (Seperate link provided.)

    Audition Book Revamp with TWO new pieces + Half Hour Coaching / Price - $129.00


    Audition Book Revamp with FOUR new pieces + One Hour Coaching

    Price - $199.00


    Email directly here to get started.