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    Amelia Morse, MA & MFA

    Hi there! I got my first opportunity to teach Acting to non-Theatre majors for four years at the University of Southern Indiana. It was there that I not only cut my teeth, but learned how to teach people who had an interested in the craft, but didn't necessarily want to be an Actor. It taught me a lot and helped to develop systems I still use to this day. Without realizing it at the time, I was developing my own consent based, informative system for Actors.


    I didn't wan to just pick random monologues and scenes for my students. I wanted them to have a say in what they did too. I developed my own 'Monologue Wish List' system which I've continued to flesh out over the years as I've continued to learn and grow as an Actor and as an Educator.


    I bring consent based teaching to all of my classes, coaching, and events. I strongly believe that people do their best work when they are fully informed. Making sure my students and clients feel safe is my top priority. I call them 'Actor Values.'


    I continue to take classes on my own time to not only create a brave space at The Morse Actors Studio for all that work with me. Any Actors that work with, I want them to be able to take those tools with them into other acting spaces.


    Colorado is where I call home with my family. I enjoy fishing, hiking, camping, and going to live theatre. I have a love for reading Actor Memoirs, theatre and acting related books, and books about leadership for soloprenuers. I also enjoy reading plays to add new repertoire for my current and future acting clients.


    For more information about me, check out my Curriculum Vitae.


    To learn more about what I do as an Intimacy Director & Cooridnator, plus the variety of workshops I offer, check out my personal website - www.ameliamorse.com

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